Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wilson's 2nd Month Home- May 2013

 I had to return to work on May 6th to finish out the last month of school so Dave stayed home with Wilson until May 30th.  Dave's mom and Grandma Wilson came to help from May 7th to the 10th.  We appreciate all their help.

Grandma Wilson at our house.
 Grandma Wilson playing with Wilson.
Dave's mom, Vicky, helping us give Wilson a bath.
Wilson has started to like bath time.

However, Wilson still doesn't like his swing.

During the month of May, Wilson was able to meet some more cousins.
 Cousin Brody and baby Wilson.
 Cousin Taylie was so excited to feed Wilson.
Great Grandparents
Dave's Grandma and Grandpa Clark spending time with baby Wilson.

 Time with mom and dad.
 Wilson and me rocking together.
 Sometimes when Dave would hold Wilson, he would squirm and move his body so that his face was planted in Dave's armpit.  We got a good chuckle out of this!
Dave feeding baby Wilson.
Baby Wilson sleeping with Daddy.
What a cutie pie!

At the end of May, Dave brought Wilson to my school so my students and fellow co-workers could  meet him.  My students were so excited.  As a side note, many of my students brought in gifts for baby Wilson during the month.  I was surprised and very thankful for their kindness and generosity.  Dave took a couple of pictures of my class with Wilson and me.  They turned out so cute, but I can't post them because I do not have permission from the parents to do so.

I am so thankful for Dave and what a good father he is.  He did such a wonderful job during the month of May.  I am so thankful Dave has the type of employment that allowed him to take off a month of work and be Mr. Mom. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wilson 5 Weeks Old- May 3rd

My friend Emyla is such a talented photographer.  She came to our home and spent a whole hour with Wilson taking pictures.  She was so good with him.  I am posting just a few of the cute pictures she took.

One of my students mom made several cute hats for baby Wilson as a gift.  I thought a picture of Wilson in this monkey hat would be so cute, and I was so right!

These photos were Taken by Em'z Design'z & Photography
Emyla Conger 435-232-4827
Winter Special $20 for the sitting and disc
Summer Special $40 for the sitting and disc

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star What a Tiny Miracle You Are!

My mom and Dave's mom threw me a baby shower on April 27th in my hometown.

I actually picked the decorations for the baby shower.  I thought the blue whale decorations were so cute.  There were even matching plates, cups, and napkins.

My mom found this quote, framed it, and displayed it for the shower.  I think it is such a cute quote and so true.

We served lemon water, cinnamon rolls, muffins, mini cream puffs, fresh fruit, and mini candy bars.

 The baby shower was an open house so guests were able to come, eat, visit, see/hold the baby, and leave as they needed to.
 Dave's aunt and cousin drove all the way from Kamas to attend the baby shower.
Pictured above:  Dave, Aunt Louise holding her granddaughter-Selicity, Grandma Wilson, and Vicky holding baby Wilson.
 Aunt Louise, Dave's sisters:  Courtney and Tracie, and Grandma Wilson.
 Dave's nephew Jett, Dave's niece Brylee holding baby Wilson, and Dave's cousin from Kamas, Krisde.
 People from my hometown- Mandy and her daughter.

 My Aunt Tricia and I spending some time together.  My Aunt Tricia is from Scotland.  My cousin met her there when he was on his mission.  He set her up with my Uncle Richard.  Tricia's mom back in Scotland is such a sweetheart.  She is Catholic and has been lighting candles and saying prayers for Dave and me to be placed with a baby.  We are so thankful for her prayers and faith in a loving God who answers prayers.
 Me, Lanette (a cousin's wife), and Aunt Tricia
 Ward members from my home ward.
 Charlotte and me.  Charlotte's daughter adopted her children so we had a great visit about the blessings of adoption.
 Vicky, Dave's mom, visiting with Carolan a woman from my home ward.
We received so many gifts from family and friends.  We are so blessed.  Baby blankets, clothes, baby toys, baby wash and lotion, wash cloths and towels are just some of the gifts we were given.

On May 4th my visiting teachers threw me another baby shower so members of our ward could attend.  We played games, had treats, and then I opened presents.  Wilson was greatly blessed at this shower too.
My niece, Taylie, me, and Wilson at the baby shower.
Yummy treats.

 My visiting teacher, Sister Griswold, gave me a dinosaur diaper cake.  It was so cute.  Wilson loves the stuffed green dinosaur that came inside of it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wilson's First Month Home

We brought Wilson home on Wednesday, March 27th.  We arrived late in the evening.  As mentioned in our last post, we returned to find that someone had decorated our home.  I was not able to get Wilson's room ready because he was born early so while we were in Murray for the birth of baby Wilson, my mom, dad, sister-in-law Vanica, and her daughter Olivia worked in his room to get it organized.  They were so helpful- they washed the bassinet linens and put the bassinet together.  They put the swing and stroller together.  They also moved a bunch of things we had stored in Wilson's room into the hallway and other spare bedroom for me to go through later on.  Vanica and Olivia also decorated our family room with blue crepe paper, and outside our house they put up signs and blue balloons.  It was so cute and thoughtful.

The next day we had to get up early and be to the Dr.'s office first thing in the morning so Wilson could have a blood test to check his bilirubin levels.  His levels had gone up a bit so we ended up having more blood tests on Friday and Saturday morning.  His jaundice was not bad enough for the Dr. to prescribe lights being brought into our home, but we had to make sure he was eating, going to the bathroom, and easy to wake up.  When we returned home from the Dr.'s office my mom took our picture on the front porch with all of the decorations.  (Just as a side note:  Wilson's jaundice went away on its own about a week to ten days later.)    

My mom, Kathy, stayed with us for about 12 days.  We couldn't have done it without her.  She taught us the ins and outs of diapering, bathing, feeding, etc.  She was also so helpful in the middle of the night when Wilson had his nights and days mixed up.  Having my mom here enabled me to catch up on things at home.  Here are two pictures of my mom and baby Wilson.

Flowers we received:
 These flowers were sent from Dave's department at work.
My mom had these flowers waiting for us when we brought Wilson home.

Wilson had many visitors during his first weeks at home!
 These are my brother Vince's children with baby Wilson:  Savanna, Kevin, Calvin, Olivia, and Ivan.
 This is my brother Vince's wife, Vanica, with her son Ivan and baby Wilson.
 Dave's parents: Paul and Vicky.
 Dave's nephew: Jett.
My dad: Stuart.

I was really lucky to get a long term substitute and be home with Wilson from the day we brought him home until May 5th.  I treasure this valuable time I had to spend with Wilson in the first month of his life.

Pictures of Wilson my mom and I took.
 We ended up using this one on his birth announcement.

Time With Daddy

Bath Time
These pictures don't show it, but Wilson hated bathing his first month of life.

Wilson in his swing, and he does not like it. 

More pictures of Wilson.
Wilson sleeping in his bassinet.
More posts to come...